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  What People Say

“Following a rigorous review, we selected the XConnect SIP Exchange service to provide full VoIP Peering for our members”
Mr. Sikko De Graff, Director CaiW, MSO in the Netherlands

“XConnect offers members a scalable, secure and reliable interconnection, and is the first to address the key issues for bridging VoIP Islands”
Mr. Alan Duric, CTO , Telio – Leading Norwegian service provider

“With IP peering federations, the value to each operator and consumer increases with the addition of new participants. Peering federations, and the combination of XConnect and IPeerX in particular, bring efficiency not found in bilateral agreements, bring greater trust and security among peering partners, and most importantly, by connecting VoIP islands, enables operators to offer features only available when there is end-to-end IP connectivity.”
Frost & Sullivan.

“The value proposition of VoIP peering for carriers increases with scale, much like Moore’s Law. With the addition of IpeerX’s carrier roster, XConnect has established a leadership position with its extensive reach of multilateral peering connections across over 300 carriers. As XConnect’s roster expands, carriers will increasingly derive value for all types of services, including both voice and video.”
Mr. Jon Arnold
Principal, J Arnold & Associates