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  VoIP Peering Introduction

XConnect’s ENUM registry and Peering Federations enable service providers to more intelligently route their calls, allowing them to distinguish different types of traffic on a call-by-call basis including;  end-to-end VoIP sessions, mobile and fixed-line termination.  XConnect’s secure, managed ENUM registries and multi-protocol, multi-vendor VoIP interconnection infrastructure enables communication service providers to join multilateral peering relationships with over 100 service providers around the globe.

Service Providers can choose peering and commercial policies, ranging from settlement-free, pay by call, or pay by the minute models based on their preferences.  As the XConnect ENUM registry grows quarter by quarter, participating service providers can complete an increasing percentage of outbound off-network calls as sessions to other members of their federations, with the remainder routed to mobile and fixed line networks.

The key benefits of XConnect’s peering and ENUM services for operators include reducing off-net termination costs; increasing quality of service; more efficiently managing their VoIP Interconnects; and delivering enhanced IP Communications services on a cross-network basis.