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XConnect, with its partner Kayote Networks, operates National Peering Solutions on either a managed service or hosted basis.

National Consortia of service providers (ITSPs, PTTs, MSOs) looking to deliver a peering and number portability solution within their home market can achieve these goals quickly by working with XConnect’s proven solution.

XConnect & Kayote were selected to operate the national SIP-Exchange for the five large cable companies in The Netherlands. Initially focussed on VoIP peering, the service will soon be extended to support video calling.
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XConnect Alliance
The fast-growing XConnect Alliance offers the world’s first multilateral settlement-free exchange of traffic between VoIP service provider members. Alliance members choose to interoperate on a settlement-free commercial basis irrespective of geography, and to pass on Zero-Cost or reduced cost international calls to their customers.

Joining the settlement-free Alliance also extends access to VoIP end-users across an IP-IP global network (avoiding PSTN), within the secure XConnect Network environment.

Members ‘plug and peer’ with other Internet telephony service providers around the world through a single connection to the XConnect Network, avoiding the need to negotiate multiple exchange agreements.
XConnect Alliance members are Internet telephony service providers (ITSPs), Voice over Broadband operators (VoBBs) and Broadband telephony companies with points of presence around the world.
Membership includes the full suite of XConnect services; enum/directory management, multi-protocol interoperability, advanced security features, and contractual/commercial support for settlement free peering. Participation in DirectRoute for inbound calls is optional and members are entitled to significant revenue.
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DirectRoute Outbound
DirectRoute facilitates low cost termination to VoIP consumers around the world from any service provider by disintermediating all unnecessary transit parties and delivering a call via the most direct route – straight into the terminating service providers VoIP infrastructure.
Significant savings Vs. PSTN termination rates to the same geographies. Calls are charged according to the DirectRoute pricing schedule.

Implemented via an All-Call-Query against XConnect’s ENUM registry or embedded within XConnect Ready™ partner devices.
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ENUM Exchange
A low cost ENUM Exchange that allows service providers to provision their subscriber ENUM data, define peering policy and relationships, and exchange ENUM data with their peers in order to facilitate bilateral peering.

Provisioned ENUM entries are, by default, available to call via XConnect’s DirectRoute service.
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