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VoIP Traffic Manager (VTM)
XConnect’s Hosted VoIP Traffic Manager (VTM) provides you the flexibility to negotiate and set up your own high quality termination-at the most competitive rates you can find on the market-while handing off all the technical issues of VoIP to XConnect. VTM lets you track call charges so you can accurately bill your customers and helps your accounting department determine the precise cost of termination to any location.

VTM is a unique hosted softswitch that enables you to outsource your complete VoIP back-end while maintaining absolute control over the essential parts of your business:
• XConnect engineers handle all the VoIP technology.
• You negotiate your own termination partners.
• You prioritize your routes with monitoring & management tools.
• You save on hardware investment and free-up your trained staff.

VoIP Technology: VTM's Technically Advanced Suite of Features

VTM's advanced suite of features can help each of your department managers complete tasks more efficiently. Functioning as a virtual switch for your entire VoIP operation, VTM combines all the powerful features of a session border controller (SBC) and quality-based least cost routing (LCR) engine in a hosted environment.

From call flow to billing, VTM securely manages all VoIP traffic from a single web-based interface, helping unify your entire VoIP business.
• Ability to work with an unlimited number of private terminators in both SIP and H323 with all codecs supported
• Ability to add originators via digest authentication or trusted IP address in SIP or H323
• Full routing capabilities with the ability to assign different routing plans to different originators
• Best LCR engine available in the market
• Ability to fork calls to multiple terminators at a time
• Time of Day Routing
• Live Call Monitoring
• Full reseller functionalities with hierarchal billing
• Full billing capabilities
• Full reporting options
• Profitability monitoring on a route by route and call by call basis
• Ability to provide free or rated on-net P2P calls
• DID translation, management, and mapping
• Automated alerting via email and SMS to monitor your traffic
• Fully scalable system with unlimited capacity for concurrent calls
• 24/7 support
• Dedicated Account Manager to address all issues

Termination Partners: The Core of Your Business

XConnect understands that the key to growing your VoIP business is being able to choose your own termination partners and negotiate your own rates. VTM's New Terminator Setup screens facilitates this process by letting you quickly set up and edit your routes, automating the interconnectivity process to save you even more time.

VoIP Monitoring & Management Tools: Statistics, Alerts, and Reports

VTM's intuitive, web-based interface helps your entire management team more effectively monitor the VoIP call flow and control expenses. VTM's Data Mining features let you analyze important statistics by preparing customizable reports with graphs, as well as export data to spreadsheets that you can then sort according to specific needs.

VTM's Web-based management tools enable you to:
• Analyze customized statistics from detailed CDRs
• Set up alerts to immediately notify staff when thresholds are reached
• Track origination and termination costs on a route-by-route basis
• Define multi-tiered call rating
• Bulk upload rates and account details.

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