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In the News

XConnect to link to GSMA's PathFinder
Global Telecom Business. September 2009

XConnect and GSMA Open Way to VoIP-Cellular Interconnection
VoIP Evolution. September 2009

New XConnect Funding Boosts VoIP Peering Prospects
VoIP Evolution. September 09

XConnect scores $10M quality VC round
HDConnect. September 09

ENUM Expert Joins XConnect Board

A Note on Peering and NGNs

XConnect Boosts VoIP, Next-Gen Offerings for Service Providers

XConnect Now Enables Carrier Business Processes

XConnect Adds New VoIP Peering Options

VoIP Security Article in Communications Crossroads

VoIP, ENUM Veteran Joins XConnect Advisory Board

Hunter Newby: XConnect Lays Down VoIP Peering Law

XConnect Expands, Automates Global Alliance Federation

Working Out the KINX of VoIP Peering

Korea national federation coverage in Capacity Magazine

TMC Q&A with Eli Katz

Global Telecoms Business interview with Eli Katz

Korea national federation coverage in Capacity Magazine.

Eli Katz named in Global Telecoms Business (GTB) 100 most influential people in the telecoms industry.

Peerless VOIP peering. Feature by Richard Grigonis, Internet Telephony, July 2008.

Interview with Dr. Paul Reynolds, CEO of Telecom New Zealand, on his appointment to the XConnect Board of Directors, and Eli Katz, CEO - by Rich Terhani, Editor-in-Chief of TMC , March 13 2008

Interview with XConnect Founder and CEO Eli Katz by iLocus's Jahangir Raina, January 2008

What's the Future for Voice Interconnection, in IP Business by Gary Kim, January 15, 2008

Jim Dalton's Blog on the ENUM and DUNDI panel, on which CEO Eli Katz partcipated, at VON Fall Boston. October 2007

A Wholesale Transformation, Global Telecoms Business Magazine, August, 2007

Frost&Sullivan Extols XConnect's Unique and Comprehensive Product Line Strategy for VoIP Peering
, July 16, 2007

Rockefeller fund looks to UK IT
PC Retail, June 2007

XConnect has been awarded, for the second consecutive year, the Internet Telephony Product of the Year for DirectRoute - Jan 07

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