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Executive Team

Eli Katz
CEO and Founder of XConnect

ds David Schwartz
Chief Technology Officer

John Wilkinson
VP, Federation

Mark Benisz
VP, America

Enrique Ayesta-Garcia

nc Rolf Lumpe
VP, Asia

nc Neil Cohen
Director of Finance

nc Myer Luknar
Director of Information Technology

nc Ronnen Slasky
Product Director

Advisory Board

Baruch Sterman

Kishor Patel
Former MD of Primus UK

Jon Arnold
Principal of J Arnold & Associates

Richard Stastny
Senior analyst in OeFEG

Rohan Mahy
Senior consultant, Xten Networks

Richard Shockey
Founder and Co-Chairman of IETF ENUM Working Group

Members Advisory Board

Initial appointments include:
Alan Duric, CTO of Scandinavian ITSP, Telio,
Xavi Casajoana, CEO of Spanish ITSP, VozTelecom